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April 17, 2024

QVC Puts New Emphasis on Women Over 50 and Their ‘Age of Possibility’

QVC is declaring women’s lives after 50 the ‘Age of Possibility’ as part of a new marketing platform that characterizes the period as a vibrant life stage, rich with new questions, changes, opportunities and hopes. 

The Qurate Retail banner has assembled the Quintessential 50, or Q50, a diverse collective of 50 inspiring women over the age of 50, including celebrities, activists, QVC hosts and entrepreneurs. The group includes entertainers Christina Applegate, Queen Latifah, Naomi Watts, Patti LaBelle, Rita Wilson, Sherri Shepherd, Sandra Lee and Kathie Lee Gifford;  public figures including Billie Jean King, Donna Kelce and Tamsen Fadal; influential leaders such as Dr. Mary Claire Haver, Karen Knudsen and Joy Bauer; and QVC friends and vendors such as Martha Stewart, Mally Roncal, Carla Hall and Kim Gravel. With their input, unique perspective and modern taste, the Q50 will help guide QVC’s efforts to support women in their Age of Possibility by influencing the brand’s programming and product offerings, according to Qurate.

QVC reported it intends to make women over 50 feel seen and supported by advancing modern retail with fresh perspectives and relevant products, programming such as the broadcast series “Over 50 & Fabulous,” and “Over 50 & Fabulous – The Aftershow,” and dedicated resources across linear television, e-commerce sites, digital streaming and social platforms.

The Age of Possibility initiative kicks off with a first-of-its-kind summit in Las Vegas on April 24, bringing together the Q50 for a day of conversation, creative inspiration and cultural exploration. The summit will usher in a series of localized Age of Possibility activations, with the brand scheduling events across the country so it can engage with QVC fans and women right in their communities. QVC is also introducing a new Facebook Group, Over 50 & Fabulous!, through which women over 50 can connect.

QVC maintained its new platform resulted from recognition of an alarming gap between how much women expect from life after 50 versus and how little the world actually supports those expectations. In a survey, the brand conducted with third-party research firm YouGov in March 2024, 62% of women ages 50-70 felt that passing the half-century mark is viewed by society as representing the start of a decline. The number-one misconception they wanted to prove wrong is that they are resistant to change and new experiences. The survey also found only 31% of women ages 50-70 feel supported by brands versus 58% of women ages 18-29 and 41% of women ages 30-49, reaffirming the importance of the Age of Possibility as an ongoing, authentic QVC commitment.

“QVC has a longstanding relationship serving the 50+ customer, and we’re uniquely positioned to launch this dedicated effort that we hope will spur a cultural shift in attitude and behavior towards women over 50,” said Annette Dunleavy, QVC vice president of brand marketing and a member of the Q50. “The Age of Possibility platform represents an underestimated period of freedom, exploration and transformation to look forward to as women age, a prime time of a woman’s life where anything is possible and living in authenticity is unapologetic. QVC is making it our mission to champion women over 50 and build a community and platform where they can come together to share their experiences and celebrate who they are. We are proud to be one of the first mainstream brands stepping up in this way to show dedicated support and celebration for this chapter in women’s lives.”

Pictured above: Among the QVC Quintessential 50 (in back, l-r), Jennie Garth, Mally Roncal, Kathie Lee Gifford and Sandra Lee; (in front. l-r) Shawn Killinger and Sherri Shepherd.

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