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April 15, 2024

Pottery Barn Readies New Michael Graves Accessible Furnishings

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Pottery Barn is getting ready to launch an accessible home furnishings collection in collaboration with Michael Graves Design, a company that had a renowned collaboration with Target years ago.

The partners designed the bedroom furnishings and upholstery pieces in the collection to make life at home safer and more accessible for people with physical challenges. The Michael Graves Design for Pottery Barn collaboration is set for a July rollout, Pottery Barn stated.

Michael Graves Design continues to emphasize innovation in home furnishings and housewares. The company became a driving force in what it called Design for All as it worked with Target in the mass market, now referred to more generally as Democratization of Design. The company produces a range of housewares products for the kitchen, from knives to food storage. It continues a relationship with Alessi that includes various tea kettles, a product segment that helped popularize Michael Graves designs during the company’s Target collaboration. It also has a range of products under a Health designation that includes what it calls reimagined walking canes and has a collaboration with CVS that includes a convertible shower chair and stool and a folding travel walker among other items.

The new Michael Graves Design for Pottery Barn collection is part of a commitment by Williams-Sonoma banner to provide functional, beautiful and accessible products, the retailer noted. The approach to products featured in the collaboration has been inspired by the legacy of Michael Graves, Pottery Barn added, and extends the application of his Design for All philosophy. The partnership aims to redefine accessible lifestyle furniture, appealing to a broad audience by integrating novel, functional enhancements that put safety first but still make beauty and quality a priority. The retailer hasn’t yet released a lot of product detail, but it maintained that the Michael Graves Design for Pottery Barn collaboration will focus on products that address various needs, including those of people aging in place and individuals with permanent, situational or temporary disabilities.

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