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March 1, 2024

Consumers Show Willingness To Shop Home Decor Online

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The 2024 Home Decor E-commerce Market Research Report by consulting and market research firm 2 Visions indicates a significant willingness among consumers to purchase home decor items online, with 82.46% expressing openness to digital shopping in the category.

The finding, 2 Visions asserted, challenges the long-held belief that physical retail spaces hold undisputed dominance in the home decor sector.

Still, that doesn’t mean that consumers are satisfied enough with digital home decor shopping to abandon visiting physical stores.

In the report, according to 2 Visions:

  • 42.7% of consumers felt overwhelmed by excessive online options
  • 75% of Baby Boomers recently bought something in the category online or in-store, with that rate the highest among generational demographic groups
  • 33.2% of shoppers said they found in-store pricing competitive with online deals

Among other things, 2 Visions pointed out the study demonstrated that Boomers are key and a significant opportunity for digital home decor sellers as well as in-store retailers, while the pricing results suggested that online retailers need to reassess their pricing strategies.

In announcing the study results, Yates Jarvis, principal at 2 Visions, said, “Our latest findings emphasize the need for e-commerce leaders to adapt and innovate. While the readiness to shop online for home decor is higher than anticipated, the enduring value of in-store experiences cannot be overlooked. This presents a unique opportunity for brands to refine their omnichannel strategies, ensuring they meet consumers’ expectations for convenience, variety and quality, both online and offline. As we navigate these changing tides, understanding and leveraging these insights will be key to crafting engaging, consumer-centric shopping experiences.”

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