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June 7, 2024

Harness The Power of Home & Housewares Trend ‘InSight’

Insight is a powerful tool.

The just-launched HomePage News InSight Trend Index 2024/25, now in its second year of collaboration with trend analyst Tom Mirabile of Springboard Futures and creative director Dawn Evans of the International Housewares Association, serves as a model for how intuitive, informed and industrious lifestyle product creation and selection can build a sustainable lifestyle-focused business.

Once again, the InSight team, led by Mirabile’s product curation and trend observation and Evans’ dynamic visual expression, explored influential industry trade shows in the U.S. and abroad to identify global trends driving growth and expansion across home and housewares categories.

The HomePage News InSight Trend Index 2024/25 demonstrates how trend can be enduring and evolutionary, often prone to subtle, yet still meaningful, shifts in lifestyle dynamics that can direct nuanced yet vital adjustments in product development, marketing and merchandising.

The first of 10 InSight to be presented in the coming weeks — Great Entertainers — exemplifies how the home entertaining trend that kicked off the inaugural InSight Trend Index a year ago continues as a primary catalyst for home and housewares growth. Yet this year’s installment serves up distinctly different tones, underscoring the opportunity to develop and position product for a consumer another year into their renewed zest for celebrating myriad occasions with updated form and function in the comfort of their homes.

The trend direction provided by InSight 2024/25 has also evolved with added marketplace intelligence and data to provide greater depth into the trends discovered and explored by InSight and the forces that drive and sustain them.

The HomePage News InSight Trend Index is, in concept and practice, a collaboration with and for the home and housewares industry. The InSight team’s approach in bringing this unprecedented trend report to the market stands as a metaphor for how retailers can and should explore trade shows and the other avenues through which they curate their selections… to look for more than products… to look for solutions and experiences.

InSight is, indeed, a powerful tool.

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