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March 9, 2022
WineGrasp Debuts at The Inspired Home Show

By Chandler Harvey

Managing Editor

A first-time exhibitor at The Inspired Home Show, WineGrasp is debuting their namesake product in the Inventors Corner at the show.

The gia award-winning product is a stemmed glassware holder that clips to surfaces up to one inch thick and holds a glass with up to 10 ounces of fluid. Designed to solve the problem of where to set top-heavy stemmed glasses, the WineGrasp can be used with standard stemware including martini, margarita and champagne flutes.

“Like so many things, wineGrasp was created because of a personal frustration,” says John Gschwind, WineGrasp Company owner. “Outdoor concerts, visiting wineries, and watching sunsets with my wife, Lisa, we always faced the same problem: When we wanted both hands free, where would we set our wine glasses? The inevitable always happened; great wine tipped over into the grass, concrete, or sand. I set out to solve this problem. It took four years to perfect the design in wood. The WineGrasp hugs the glass and grips like crazy. We get to have our stemmed glasses and the wine stays in the glass, ready to drink. It wasn’t long before people started approaching us asking where we got “that thing,” and suddenly this new business was born.” 

The WineGrasp is nine inches long, three inches wide, weighs less than two ounces and has two strong rubber grips made to provide a firm hold to the surface on which it is clipped.

WineGrasp is available now in singles or sets of two.

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