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December 6, 2023

Tribest Rolls Out Gen 5 Greenstar Cold-Press Juicer

Tribest is marking its 35th-anniversary celebration with the rollout of its fifth-generation Greenstar cold-press juicer.

The Greenstar juicer series, launched in 1994, is consistently ranked as a top-performing cold-press juicer catering to the well-being of vegans, vegetarians and the holistic health community at large, according to Tribest.

The new Greenstar 5 showcases a mastication system powered by stainless steel twin gears and magnetic bioceramic technology to yield 30% more juice from even the most challenging vegetables than competing juicers, and the juice can be stored for up to 72 hours with minimal loss of enzymes or vitamins, according to the company. Independent laboratory tests confirm that Greenstar’s Twin Gear juicing system extracts a substantially higher quantity of essential minerals, such as calcium, iron and zinc, than other competing juicers, Tribest added.

The Greenstar 5 operates at a low 110 RPM for minimal heat generation during the juicing process, enabling a true cold press of even hard-to-juice produce such as celery, greens, ginger, carrots, and turmeric. The unit offers simpler setup and easier cleaning than previous models, Tribest said.

“When we introduced the Original Greenstar in 1994, we had a strong belief that it would be cherished by our fans, but we never could have anticipated that it would become an enduring icon of juicing technology,” said Tribest CEO William Choi. “Today, the Greenstar remains a best-seller, and with each new release, we’re dedicated to evolving its technology.”

Tribest’s Greenstar 5 has a suggested retail price of $849 and can be purchased through Tribest’s website, on Amazon and through a number of online retailers.

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