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March 17, 2023

Tovolo Introduces Fun and Functional Prep Tools

Tovolo put together a range of cooking tools and prep items in time for The Inspired Home Show, with many featuring vivid colors and advantages in use.

The introductions include, according to Tovolo:

  • Silicone Utensil Sets. Six fundamental tools consumers can use to cook, serve and enjoy edibles. With durable stainless steel and flexible, stain-resistant silicone construction, the ladle, slotted turner, tongs, spatula, mixing spoon and potato masher feature ergonomic handles for optimum comfort. Safe to use with non-stick cookware, the BPA-free, dishwasher-safe utensils will not absorb flavors.
  • Silicone Scoop N’ Spread. Formulated with a nylon core for enhanced support, Silicone Scoop N’ Spreads can slice, spread and scoop. The nylon spreader is designed to make it easy to dish out jellies, jams, butter and soft cheeses while the oversized handle keeps hands clean. The tool comes in large and small sizes.
  • Flex-Core Spatula Sets. The five-piece set includes a spatula, jar scraper, Spoonula, mini spatula and Mini Spoonula. Each item features a nylon core that adds rigidity and strength for mixing, folding, spreading, and scraping with ease. The ergonomic handles are created for a comfortable grip as the silicone material protects non-stick cookware. Flexible edges provide give so that nothing is left in the bowl.
  • Mini Ice Cube Tray with Lid. Able to make 135  ⅜-inch square mini ice cubes, the silicone tray easily releases ice cubes and stacks neatly to conserve space. The tight-fitting lid seals out odors.
  • Pop Molds with Tray. The slimline, colorful popsicle tray makes six mess-free frozen treats in classic popsicle shapes. Long handles with built-in drip guards help keep hands clean. Each mold holds about 3.4 fluid ounces, and a fill line and fully enclosed lid prevent messes. A slimline tray saves freezer space. The trays come in four styles: Classic, Wavy, Groovy and Modern.
  • Stackable Pop Molds. Easy to use and clean, the playful pop molds are stackable and shaped to prompt smiles, says the company. Each mold holds about 2.5 fluid ounces and a fill line and fully enclosed lid prevent messes. Long handles with built-in drip guards help keep hands clean. Flexible silicone creates detailed Dino, Watermelon, Classic, Unicorn, Truck and Star shapes that are designed for removing pops easily.
  • Prep & Serve BBQ Tray Sets. Available in two sizes, each two-piece set allows for the separation of raw and cooked food, preventing cross-contamination. Available in black and white, so users can color code trays to keep track of what food is raw and cooked or between meat and vegetables that need transportation from the prep space to the grill. Trays are dishwasher safe and made of stain-resistant, BPA-free melamine material that won’t absorb food flavors or odors, so the trays are easy to clean and maintain. Sets nest for easy storage.
  • Prep & Serve Marinade Tray Sets. Available in two sizes, each set has a two-piece design that separates to transport raw and cooked food and prevent contamination. The deep bottom tray holds raw meats, vegetables, skewers and marinating liquids while the top tray acts as a lid but can also be a platform for serving cooked food. Stain-resistant melamine material won’t absorb flavors or odors and, so, can replace single-use bags as well as old, stained plastic containers. BPA-free and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.
  • Sports-Themed Craft Ice. Pictured above, these new, “big game” craft ice molds to chill whiskey come in football, basketball, baseball, tennis ball and golf ball shapes. The slow-melting spherical ice is designed to have quick chilling power. Molds come in single packs and a four-piece set combining baseball, basketball, golf ball and football as well as two and three golf ball sets. Silicone caps create a tight seal so molds are leak free and won’t tip in the freezer while stacking neatly to conserve space.

Other introductions include a stainless steel whisk set of four and an all-wood utensil set of six. Tovolo also expanded the color assortment in its Flex Core lineup, and it’s offering a limited-edition line of tools in Pantone Color of the Year Viva Magenta.

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