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September 6, 2023

Pur Collaborates with Beautiful by Drew for Water Filtration

By: Chandler Harvey

Managing Editor

Pur Water, a Helen of Troy brand, announced the launch of Beautiful by Pur, a water filter collaboration with Drew Barrymore’s kitchenware brand, Beautiful by Drew.

Pur and Beautiful by Drew have partnered to create a line of water filtration products including pitchers, dispensers and faucet mounts. The items have been designed to marry Pur’s water filtration technology with the innovative and modern design of the Beautiful by Drew kitchenware, according to Our.

The Beautiful by Our collection is currently available exclusively on Walmart.com and in Walmart stores beginning September 9.

The Beautiful by Pur collection includes:

  • 12-Cup Pitcher ($39.99): Powered by Pur’s 2-in-1 Faster Filtration Technology that removes various chemical and physical substances and features a large lid opening for easy refills and a filter change light to notify when it’s time to change the Pur filter. The pitcher has gold accents designed to look beautiful on any table or in the fridge.
  • 30-Cup Dispenser ($39.99): This dispenser is ready to display on a countertop or table with gold accents also featured on the 12-Cup Pitcher. The 30-cup capacity features Pur’s 2-in-1 Faster Filtration Technology while needing to be refilled less often. Both the pitcher and dispenser are certified by the National Science Foundation to remove chlorine, copper and other chemical and physical substances.
  • Horizontal Water Faucet Mount System ($39.99): The faucet mount system is designed to deliver cleaner, great-tasting filtered water on demand while complimenting any kitchen décor with a matte finish and gold accents. The system offers filtration technology that reduces 70 chemical and physical substances including lead and microplastics. According to Pur, no other branded faucet filter is NSF-certified to reduce more chemical and physical substances. The faucet mount includes rubberized handles to easily switch from tap water to filtered water as well as a filter change light to notify when it’s time to change the Pur filter. It is compatible with most standard faucets and offers tool-free installation.

Beautiful by Drew, co-founded by Barrymore and Made by Gather founder and CEO Shae Hong, has a trendy, contemporary style designed to  intended brings a high-end, table-ready finish to the collection. The three Beautiful by Pur products will be available in Beautiful’s white icing finish with its signature gold accents and a co-branded logo.

“We’ve all heard that hydration is one of the keys to good health. So, every day I tell myself I’m going to drink more water. And now with our new Beautiful collaboration with Pur, I’m actually doing it! Our innovative spin on design and Pur’s proven technology are working together to make it easier and more enjoyable to drink up,” Barrymore said.

“This is a truly unique collaboration — a brilliant blend of Drew’s beautiful aesthetic and Pur’s superior filtration technology — and we’re honored to be the first brand Beautiful by Drew has partnered with to create a collection,” said Paula Lopes, marketing director for Pur at Helen of Troy. “Beautiful by Pur is the perfect solution for any modern home’s hydration needs from entertaining to gift-giving to day-to-day life, bringing a touch of elegance to your kitchen table, countertop or refrigerator.”

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