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September 2, 2021
Honey-Can-Do Raises Warehouse Team Hourly Pay


Honey-Can-Do International, a Berkeley, Illinois-based supplier of storage and organization products, announced it raised its minimum wage on warehouse workers to $15.50 per hour, effective immediately.

In addition to raising the wages of those previously below that level, HCD raised the hourly salary of every member of its hourly warehouse team, including temporary workers. The company reported the move was made to ensure that Honey-Can-Do continues to attract and keep a well-qualified hourly warehouse workforce to support growing sales during the pandemic.

“These team members are on the front lines of getting our products into the hands of our customers on a daily basis,” said Steve Greenspon, Honey-Can-Do CEO. “We want to recognize the impact they have had on the significant growth at HCD, and invest in them for the future.

“We value employees who are as invested in Honey-Can-Do as we are in them, and we feel this move will help us find and retain those workers” Greenspon added.

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