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February 21, 2024

Oggi Introductions Designed To Combat Kitchen Challenges

Consumers could have an easier time in the kitchen with Oggi’s latest prep, storage and cleaning products.

Oggi will introduce attendees of The Inspired Home Show to its Innovative Kitchen Storage Solutions lineup, which is designed to minimize food waste and extend freshness.

Oggi Adjustable Date Dial Produce Keepers

At a time when household budgets have been strained by inflation, the Oggi Adjustable Date Dial Produce Keepers (pictured above) promise to improve the way fruits and vegetables are stored. Consumers suffer the common plight of finding wilted greens and mushy fruits prior to their anticipated use all too often. Traditional storage in plastic bags or crowded crispers can do more harm than good by restricting airflow and fostering moisture buildup, which can cause premature rotting. Oggi Produce Keepers promote natural airflow around stored items to extend freshness, the company noted. A removable basket holds produce up and away from the container’s bottom and sides to discourage moisture buildup and allow easy access. An adjustable vent on the lid optimizes humidity control and an integrated date dial in the lid tracks storage times, helping to ensure produce is used within its peak freshness period, reducing waste and saving money. Oggi Produce Keepers are BPA-free materials and dishwasher safe on the top rack.

Available in two sizes, regular and large, to accommodate a variety of household needs, SRPs are $12.99 and $19.99, respectively.

Oggi Prep & Portion Freezer Trays

Oggi Prep & Portion Freezer Trays

Oggi Prep & Portion Freezer Trays can turn meal preparation into a simpler process, whether for freezing soups, lasagnas, casseroles or other dishes across a tremendous meal range, the company stated. By using the trays, consumers can prepare batches of their favorite meals ahead of time and simply defrost and reheat when needed, making healthy eating a more convenient part of the daily routine. Made from high-quality, food-safe silicone, Prep and Portion trays are durable and safe for all cooking needs, Oggi noted. Each tray is reinforced with a steel rim to maintain rigidity and shape and complemented by a convenient lid for safe and secure storage. The trays are safe for freezing and oven-safe up to 415 degrees Fahrenheit, minus the lid, making them perfect for baking, as well as freezing and storing. They are also microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe on the top rack and come in three colors, green, blue, and sprinkles, and sizes: a two-cup, which comes in a set of two, a one cup and a quarter cup.

SRP is $12.99 for each size and color option.

Oggi Bambou Collection

Oggi Bambou Collection

With an eye to sustainability, Oggi is rolling out the Bambou line of bamboo fiber dishcloths and sponges with scrubbing pads. Designed for the environmentally conscious consumer who refuses to compromise on quality and efficiency, the products are made from 91% bamboo-derived rayon and 9% polyester. Oggi indicated that it developed Bambou to combine sustainability and functionality in a superior cleaning solution that is kind to both the planet and pocketbook. Each two-ply dishcloth includes a shaggy looped outer weave for high absorbency and a tight under-weave for non-scratch scrubbing. So, the dishcloths can tackle everything from tough, dirty build-up to gentle cleaning of non-stick pans as well as stainless steel, plastic, and glass surfaces. They are lint-free, odorless and soft to the touch. Sized perfectly for ease of use without the inconvenience of folding or wadding up, Bambu products feature vibrant colored piping that not only adds style but also aids in differentiating specific tools for specific tasks, ensuring a hygienic and organized cleaning routine. The Bambu line is fully FSC and OEKO certified and available in a variety of contemporary patterns and colors ranging from gray to turquoise.

SRP is $9.99 for a set of six dishcloths and $5.99 for a set of three sponges. 

The new items in the Oggi Kitchen Storage Solutions lineup are available for order now, with shipment in April.

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