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July 29, 2022

Tramontina Mounts Sustainability Effort With Recycled-Content Packaging

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By Chandler Harvey

Managing Editor

Following the announcement of a partnership with Voice of the Oceans to help combat plastic pollution in the oceans, Tramontina USA has revealed its next actionable sustainability initiative. The company said it is transitioning from all non-recycled, single-use poly bags used in packaging to bags with a minimum of 90% recycled content intended to reduce the packaging CO2 emissions by close to 60%.

Tramontina’s recycled-content packaging initiative is part of an ongoing partnership with environmental consulting firm Searious Business. As a result of this partnership, the impact of the new initiative will be recognized across nearly 10 million poly bag units used annually, and it will be completed for all items with production dates beginning February 2023, according to the company. This change is part of a larger goal by Tramontina to incorporate more sustainable materials across all packaging by 2025, and it is just one piece of the improvement strategy for packaging materials in conjunction with Searious Business.

“Adding to our long history of eco-friendly practices, we have been actively reviewing all elements of our packaging to decrease use of plastics where we can and increase our commitment to sustainability across all avenues of our business,” said Mars Mashburn, vice president, product development and marketing of Tramontina USA. “We are excited for this impactful first initiative resulting from our work with Searious Business and look forward to continuing to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint together in the future.”

“It is our mission to help conscious companies like Tramontina maximize their sustainability efforts and stimulate wide-scale organizational change,” said Willemijn Peeters of Searious Business. “It has been incredible to work with a company that has been implementing sustainable practices for years, and this important step is just the beginning of accelerating Tramontina’s efforts.”

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