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June 17, 2022

Tramontina Joins Journey To Reduce Plastic Waste in Oceans


Tramontina USA this summer is partnering with Voice of the Oceans, a global expedition across the seas with a mission to raise awareness about plastics in the oceans and to help find innovative solutions to combat the problem.

Tramontina USA, which produces and markets Tramontina cookware, cutlery and other kitchen accessories, is the official sponsor of the U.S. portion of the Voice of the Oceans voyage, which is expected to last five months and conclude in October.

Tramontina, as part of its ongoing commitment to sustainable business practices, is also expanding its efforts to reduce one-time use of plastic packaging, according to the company.

The Voice of the Oceans global expedition began in 2021 and is focused on documenting the invasion of plastics in marine ecosystems, finding workable solutions to help reverse the damage and mobilizing people and businesses to adopt conservation-friendly behaviors. It is globally supported by the UN Environment Programme as part of the Clean Seas Campaign.

“Tramontina’s commitment to sustainability is long-established, and the Voice of the Oceans aligns with our values with its clear messaging and commitment to practical solutions,” said Mars Mashburn, vice president, product development and marketing for Tramontina USA. “Another new Tramontina USA initiative is working with the environmental consulting firm Searious Business and Voice of the Oceans to ramp up our efforts to reduce one-time plastic packaging.”

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