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November 14, 2022
Kuhn Rikon USA Expands Nutrition Education Partnership with Dr. Yum Project


Kuhn Rikon USA, marketer of Swiss cookware and cooking tools, has expanded its partnership with the Dr. Yum Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to family and community nutrition education.

The Dr. Yum Project places the research-supported “food adventure” curriculum in schools and homes in every state. It partners with physicians nationwide to distribute its nutrition education resources to patients and their families, and it provides educational resources to serve “food insecure” families nationwide. The program is spearheaded by pediatrician Nimali Fernando, MD, MPH, known as Dr. Yum.

The Kuhn Rikon USA partnership with the Dr. Yum Project initially focuses on the Nashville area — location of Kuhn Rikon USA headquarters — as well a select group of families nationwide. The relationship will expand in 2023 with several national programs supporting the Dr. Yum program, according to Kuhn Rikon USA.

Beginning in November of this year, Kuhn Rikon is sponsoring two preschools by providing funding and product support to assist with implementing Dr. Yum’s curriculum: “Dr. Yum’s Preschool Food Adventure,” an interactive, multi-sensory, two-year nutrition curriculum with strong family involvement and research encouraging children to enjoy more fruits and vegetables.

In addition, the company will support “Dr. Yum’s Food Adventure: Home Edition,” an on-demand cooking curriculum created by a pediatrician, a registered dietitian, a pediatric feeding specialist and an early childhood educator.  The flexible year-long subscription includes monthly on-demand cooking lessons and recipes; expert guidance for parents; tips on helping picky eaters, inclusive children with special needs.

Dr. Yum’s network of pediatricians across the USA will select 10 families in their area who would benefit most from the nutritional education program. These families will receive Kuhn Rikon Kinderkitchen scholarships to Dr. Yum’s online programs for 13 months, as well as a full set of Kinderkitchen cooking tools for children (pictured above) for use in preparing healthy meals featured within the program.

“The Dr. Yum Project has an incredible history of providing real world, science-based education to families across the country and we’re so proud to support their mission,” stated Melissa Ledbetter, marketing director at Kuhn Rikon.  “With the introduction of our expanded line of Kinderkitchen cooking tools for kids, we hope to make it even more enticing for children to learn about cooking and nutrition.”

“We are so grateful to have the support of Kuhn Rikon and have been big fans of their products for many years.  With their support we hope to bring our program to even more families across the country,” Dr. Fernando said. “My own children grew up using the Kuhn Rikon dog knives and still, to this day, come home from college and want to use these knives.”

“We are excited to announce what will be just the first part of our support of the Dr. Yum Project. Additional initiatives are planned for the coming new year,” stated Mark Adkison, president of Kuhn Rikon USA.

Additional Dr. Yum’s educational resources include YouTube instructional videos; a recipe catalog, “Dr. Yum’s Meal-o-Matic;” and information from a team of experts on its website, DoctorYum.org.

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