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June 18, 2024

Heritage Steel Expands on Success of Cookware Collaboration with Eater

By: Chandler Harvey

Managing Editor

Following the launch of the Eater x Heritage Steel Collection in the fall of 2023, the companies have announced an expansion of the stainless steel cookware collaboration.

The partnership has exceeded expectations and customer demand has been high, said Bobby Griggs, vice president of sales at Heritage Steel. “Eater’s reach is pretty substantial,” he said, as the Vox Media digital network has a large monthly viewership and the ability to integrate the products into paid media and recipes throughout the site. “We are a small, family-owned cookware brand. We don’t have the fortune of venture capital, but what we do have is the ability to make exceptional cookware. Eater has provided us with a broader reach and increased level of trust with the consumer. They have really honored the concept of being a partner in helping us create content and get our message of great quality paired with exceptional value.”

Griggs said the co-branded effort has been successful because of the partners’ mutual commitment to maintaining their positions as authentic and trusted brands. Eater is able to provide insight into what the consumer wants, and Heritage Steel is a responsive U.S. manufacturer meeting those needs. “I feel like the customer has really embraced the premium quality product combined with the category’s best pricing: Case in point, our 12-inch fry pan is now a top 100 SKU on Amazon. It is also rare — and special — to be the price leader with a high-quality product that is made in the U.S. It’s a great testimony to our team at the factory and the relationship with Eater,” he said.

Heritage Steel, a brand of New Era, Inc., manufactures the Eater x Heritage Steel cookware at the same Clarksville, TN, stainless steel cookware factory where the company’s premium Titanium Series of cookware is also produced. The Eater x Heritage Steel collection has been developed as a more moderately priced, pro-quality option that widens the company’s scope in serving retailers of high-performance cookware, including independent gourmet kitchenware stores.

The Eater food and dining digital platform, acquired in 2013 by Vox Media, serves as a local restaurant guide, recipe provider and related content provider in key markets across the country.

The Eater x Heritage Steel Cookware features a 5-ply stainless steel construction. The cookware has an exterior layer of 439 stainless steel optimized for induction cooking while still being easy to clean and an 18/10 stainless steel coating on the interior, according to Heritage Steel. The inner core is made from tri-ply aluminum for good heat conductivity, responsiveness and maximum control of the pan, the company added.

Eater x Heritage Steel 1.5 Quart Sauté with Lid

Eater x Heritage Steel Rondeau with Lid

New products in the Eater x Heritage Steel line include:

  • 1.5 Quart Sauté with Lid: This small-sized sauté pan is ideal for preparing a quick pan sauce, searing small portions of protein and sautéing vegetables.
  • 2 Quart Saucepan with Lid: Among other things, this saucepan can be used for cooking up smaller-sized portions or reducing sauces.
  • 3 Quart Saucier with Lid: This saucier’s sloped sides make it ideal for whisking sauces and custards and increases the surface area for reducing liquids. It can also be used for risotto, polenta or oatmeal.
  • 4 Quart Saucepan with Lid: This saucepan is designed for soups, chili, stew, sauces and more. The larger size calls for a side handle, which lends itself to more stability and control.
  • 5 Quart Sauce Pot with Lid: Designed to be a kitchen workhorse, it can be used for soups, chili, sauces and more as an approachable stockpot. It is also great for small-space living, as it takes up less room than other pots with the same function, said the company.
  • 6 Quart Rondeau with Lid: The shape of this rondeau lends to searing, braising, oven-roasting, frying, pan-roasting and simmering. It is made to be wide enough to help intensify flavors in liquids but deep enough to effectively braise or poach.

The products will range in retail price from $119-229 and will launch in mid-July.

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