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May 20, 2024

Groupe SEB, Meyer Cookware Safety Alliance Addresses Regulation of Nonstick Cookware Made with PFAS

Groupe SEB and Meyer Corporation have established the Cookware Sustainability Alliance to foster what it said is science-based cookware safety education and policy with an immediate emphasis on addressing legislation regulating the sale of nonstick cookware made with per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

Groupe SEB and Meyer Corporation are among the world’s largest cookware manufacturers.

The Cookware Sustainability Alliance (CSA) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization created to “foster robust policy discussions and enhance public understanding of the safety of cookware based on scientific research and verifiable data,” according to a CSA press release.

An immediate priority CSA is engaging in the policy-making process surrounding PFAS chemicals and what the CSA said in its press release is “the unnecessary inclusion of fluoropolymer nonstick cookware in PFAS bans.”

Proposals to ban fluoropolymer nonstick cookware “ignore decades of science and U.S. and international policy that underpins fluoropolymer cookware safety,” according to CSA. The CSA includes technical experts who bring verifiable science and perspective to the legislative and regulatory process, news reporting about the sector and consumer education.

“A core principle of the Cookware Sustainability Alliance is to ensure that discussions and decisions concerning cookware are grounded in scientific fact- and data-driven analysis,” said Steve Burns, president of the CSA. “Policymakers and stakeholders will benefit from technical experts that can discuss and answer questions about the safe and stable use of PTFE in cookware products.”

CSA reported it will work with industry stakeholders, policymakers, scientific experts, and consumer advocates to address pressing issues such as material safety and product durability.

“As industry leaders, we have a responsibility to protect the health and safety of our consumers,” a Meyer Corporation spokesperson said in the CSA press release. “Our goal is to continue delivering the highest quality materials for performance and convenience,” said a spokesperson for Meyer Corporation.

“Fluoropolymers have a proven decades-long safety record recognized by regulatory bodies worldwide,” a Groupe SEB spokesperson said in the CSA press release. “Their formidable properties have made cookware products essential for millions of consumers and businesses. The Cookware Sustainability Alliance will provide stakeholders with all the material they need to make well-informed decisions.”

The Cookware Sustainability Alliance has launched a website — www.cookwaresustainabilityalliance.org — detailing information about the alliance and its initiatives.

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