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April 17, 2024

Gallery | 2024 gia Finalists: Kitchen Tools, Cutlery, Sustainable Products

By: Chandler Harvey

Managing Editor

The International Housewares Association’s Global Innovation Awards (gia) for Product Design honor exhibitors’ latest creations and cutting-edge innovations with award recognition, distinguishing five finalists in 14 categories.

The Global Honorees & Finalists are chosen in the following categories:

  • Bath + Personal Care
  • Cleaning
  • Cook + Bakeware
  • Home Decor + Gifts
  • Household + Home Electronics
  • Home Organization + Storage
  • Kitchen Electrics
  • Kitchen Hand Tools + Cutlery
  • Kitchenware
  • Luggage, Travel Goods + Accessories
  • Pet Products
  • Smart Home Products
  • Sustainable Products
  • Tabletop
View the finalists from Kitchen Hand Tools + Cutlery and Sustainable Products.

DKB Household Zyliss Gourmet Drum Grater

Kitchen Hand Tools + Cutlery

The Gourmet Drum Grater is a versatile kitchen tool for grating, slicing, and chopping various vegetables, fruit, cheese, nuts or chocolate. The drum grater has a larger angle when dispensing food, greater overall height of the front edge, insert guide for correct orientation of the plunger, and a plunger with a hygienic cover. It comes with three different drums (fine, coarse, and slicing drum) and three additional graters are also available to purchase separately. The entire housing is made of coated cast Aluminum and the drums are made of high-quality stainless steel. It features a strong suction foot that holds the grater firmly on smooth work surfaces. An additional table clamp allows the grater to be fixed on rougher surfaces.

Dreamfarm Lockorns

Kitchen Hand Tools + Cutlery

Lockorns are a pair of corn holders that securely anchor into corn cobs and lock together for safe storage. They combine two straight spikes with an anchoring hook to securely lock corn holders into the cob. A unique 3-prong anchor design prevents accidental removal, increasing safety for children and peace of mind for parents.

Dreamfarm Ozest*

Kitchen Hand Tools + Cutlery

Ozest is a concave speed zester that instantly cleans itself with the push of a button. Its concave grater plate increases the contact area for faster zesting and guides food down its center for safer, more efficient strokes, then cleans and clears itself of any clinging zest with the push of a button. 441 super fine blades are photo-etched and perfectly angled to create fluffier and more aromatic zest without the bitter pith.

That Inventions Corkie

Kitchen Hand Tools + Cutlery

Corkie is a foil cutter, cork remover, aerator pourer and wine stopper all in one so that the user can focus on enjoying their wine. The patent-pending design means consumers will never lose their wine accessories again.

Welcome Industries Visual Measuring Spoons

Kitchen Hand Tools + Cutlery

Visual Measuring Spoons make it easy to tell measurements at a glance. The shape tells the size, so there’s no struggle to read a label. The intuitive and inclusive design is great for kids learning to cook and a game-changer for the visually impaired, said the company. The set contains 1 Tbsp, 1 tsp, 1/2 tsp, and 1/4 tsp on a removable loop.

Electrodomesticos Jata Emulsionizer - The Zero Waste Kitchen Secret Hero

Sustainable Products

Targeting professional and amateur chefs, Emulsionizer is a kitchen tool specialized in all types of gastronomic emulsions, including: processing scraps and leftover food into premium dishes, such as vegetable stems, shells, peels, seeds, fish scraps, etc.; soups, vinaigrettes and sauces; roots, herbs and seeds essence extraction; stew thickening and flavor expansion; baby food; plant milks and cooking with plant milks; and zero waste gastronomic emulsions. Emulsionizer is designed to help families eat better, minimize food scraps, avoid plastic packaging from prepared food and packaged plant milks and help consumers to respect the environment.

Full Circle Clean Ocean Palm Brush

Sustainable Products

Made from 100% recycled ocean plastic, the Clean Ocean Palm Brush is ready to take on messy dishes. The brush was designed with an ultra-comfortable ergonomic grip and durable bristles that can get around any shape bowl, plate or pan.

Klean Kanteen Rise 36-oz. Tumbler with Lid and Straw

Sustainable Products

The Rise Drinkware Collection elevates the look, feel and function of reusable drinkware and is a go-to for inside your home, entertaining and outside for any adventure, said Klean Kanteen. The 36 oz. Tumbler has a splashproof flip lid and straw that allow the user to choose how they like to drink their favorite beverages and has a sweatproof construction that protects surfaces. Klean Kanteen uses 90% post-consumer recycled 18/8 stainless steel for all products, making it eco-friendly and sustainable.

The Peacock Vacuum Bottle Cooler Bucket*

Sustainable Products

Introducing the latest breakthrough in cooling innovation from Peacock – Cooler Bucket – which features “7-day cooling performance” that stands unrivaled in the market, said the company. Cooler Bucket is a storage cooling solution for every outdoor escapade. It is crafted with reusable double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel, keeping ice unmelted with 4.5 times the cold retention power of regular cooler boxes.

Volume Brands Glad Link & Sort Recycling Station

Sustainable Products

Made with 100% recovered plastic, Glad’s Link & Sort connects multiple cans to allow for appropriate recycling or compost purposes with the use of stickers (provided) for easy sorting of waste. The Clorox antimicrobial protection of the lid inhibits the growth of bacteria, mildew and odors. The hinged lid allows for easy disposal of bulkier trash, while the swing top can also be used conveniently as well.

*Winners are denoted with an asterisk.

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