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June 10, 2021
Target Launches Jungalow with Justina Blakeney

By Mike Duff

Contributing Editor

Jungalow is coming to Target as mass-market retailers continue to add new proprietary home products and collections with the aim of differentiating, boosting their brands and targeting specific consumer clusters.

The retailer added that the partnership with Jungalow founder Justina Blakeney is one of the many ways Target continues its commitment to source and design more products from black creators and designers among its diversity initiatives. Whether they are looking to attract fans of a particular celebrity or influencer, or if they are looking to address consumers based on style or demographics, retailers have made private labels and other proprietary product lines a bigger deal.

Target’s latest proprietary collection comes on the heels of Bed, Bath & Beyond’s Our Table brand launch.

Blakeney (pictured above with her Jungalow collection) is a longtime Target collaborator, most recently as one of the company’s Home Style Experts. She has translated what Target characterizes as Jungalow’s “cozy, wild and free vibe” to work as part of the retailer’s Opalhouse own brand.

The Jungalow collection will feature almost 300 pieces, ranging from bedding and bath items to décor products and furniture, at prices starting at $10 and with most items less than $30. As designed, Jungalow products are full of color, Target asserted, making them a fit with the eclectic Opalhouse brand.

The Jungalow collection will begin to roll out in most Target stores on June 13 and Target.com on June 26.

“Target is known for one-of-a-kind partnerships that deliver incredible design at an amazing value, and this new collection with the inspiring and talented Justina Blakeney will fill our guests’ homes with a whole lot of joy,” Samara Tuchband, Target svp/merchandising for home said. “As a multi-year partnership, we look forward to continuing to create beautiful products with Justina that inspire all guests with affordable and accessible design.”

Currently focused on decor products, Blakeney said Target’s Jungalow offering will help consumers bring nature and natural materials into their homes.

“Nature is always our muse,” she noted. “We wanted to lean into earthy brights, fun geometric and botanical-inspired motifs, and natural materials. From rattan to raffia and coconut shells, we prioritize using materials that are close to the earth. We also took inspiration from our travels. You can see inspiration from India, Mexico, Morocco, Italy and our home state of California woven into the collection.”

She added Jungalow and Target each bring elements to the partnership that inform and support their businesses.

“Jungalow is a small business. We are a tiny, but mighty, team of nine women who run the business day to day, Blakeney said. “We normally design one product at a time and slowly build out a collection over the course of a few years. Designing for Target is so incredible because anything I dream up, no matter how unconventional, is feasible.”

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