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June 8, 2022
FoodSaver Partners with TikTok Star DiGiovanni

By Chandler Harvey

Managing Editor

FoodSaver has partnered with TikTok star, Nick DiGiovanni to show consumers how to elevate dishes and save time with FoodSaver vacuum sealers.

DiGiovanni created six new recipes that incorporate FoodSaver vacuum sealers and accessories including the FoodSaver Multi-Use Food Preservation System, FoodSaver Multi-Use Handheld Vacuum Sealer, FoodSaver Preserve and Marinate Containers, FoodSaver Reusable Zipper Bags and FoodSaver Microwavable Meal Prep Bags. The recipes include on-the-go breakfast egg bites, lemon and mint-infused watermelon, chimichurri-marinated skirt steak, miso-marinated cod, sous vide chicken legs and peach cobbler.

“Whether I’m having guests over or just need a quick snack for myself, I look for cooking equipment that helps make meal prep, cooking and food storage easier,” said DiGiovanni. “I love using a vacuum sealer in the kitchen because there are so many ways to use this tool, whether it’s sealing a bag to cook sous vide, using a sealer along with an airtight container to marinate in minutes or preserving flavors for a future dish. I’m excited to partner with FoodSaver to share these simple yet delicious recipes that will help people feel more confident using this kitchen essential.”

“FoodSaver’s goal is to make life easier in the kitchen, and we want people to know just how easy our vacuum sealers, bags and accessories are to use for easily prepping food and saving time,” said Amber Holm, vp, brands, Food Business Unit, Newell Brands. “We’re excited to offer product solutions, along with Nick DiGiovanni’s expertise, that show people how to enhance their everyday cooking in a way that puts more time back in the day.”

DiGiovanni’s recipes are available on foodsaver.com and the FoodSaver YouTube channel.

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