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April 8, 2022

Ankarsrum Triples Stand Mixer Production Capacity

By: Chandler Harvey

Managing Editor

Surging demand for the Ankarsrum Assistent Original Stand Mixer has led the company to triple production capacity for the stand mixer.

Production capacity has been addressed, according to the company, by adding a second production line in the factory, expanding the workforce and investing in additional training to preserve the quality of the handmade stand mixer.

The Assistent stand mixer was designed to simulate kneading by hand using a rotating bowl instead of something rotating within the bowl. The Assistant kneading process is said by the company to be ideal for home-baked bread, cakes, cookies and frostings.  Available accessories include a pasta maker, a citrus juicer, a blender, a slicer/shredder, a nut grinder, a meat grinders and a grain/spice coffee mill. Sales of the accessories have doubled from 2021, according to the company.

“Increased demand for the Ankarsrum is a global phenomenon, with the US market growing in importance,” said Marcus Grimerö, CEO of Ankarsrum Kitchen AB. “We strongly believe that the US is now at the beginning of its growth curve, so we’re predicting and planning for aggressive sales increases. This is a result from orders and feedback from our US retail partners.” 

Ankarsrum reports that recent sales trends show the top four Ankarsrum colors are Red, Black Diamond, Glossy White and Jubilee Silver, the four of which account for half of the brand sales. Other colors include Ocean Blue, Forest Green, Sunbeam Yellow, Pure Orange, Royal Blue, Chrome, Crème and Crème Light.

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