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January 5, 2023

Andis Launches Centennial Bespoke Trimmer

By Chandler Harvey

Managing Editor

Andis Company, a manufacturer of barbering, styling and grooming tools, has launched the Centennial Bespoke Trimmer. The trimmer is specifically designed for grooming professionals and pro-inspired consumers seeking precision design for custom looks, according to the company.

The Centennial Bespoke Trimmer has an ergonomic shape, sleek lines and a metallic color palette. The wireless induction charging stand displays the trimmer and is compatible with other induction charging Qi-compatible devices. The trimmer has a high-speed rotary motor and lithium-ion battery that provides 1.5 hours of charge. The Andis Outliner Deep Tooth GTX-Z Blade is designed for tight lines, fades and design work.

“The Bespoke Trimmer commemorates our 100th anniversary and ushers in the next century of Andis,” said co-CEO Matt Andis. “The premium Z-Blade celebrates the legacy of Andis as a quality blade manufacturer, while the wireless induction charging represents our relentless drive to innovate and help our creators take their artistry to the next level.”

Angie Vlasaty Peterson, Andis vice president, marketing, added, “The Bespoke Trimmer embodies who Andis is as a brand. By infusing innovation, modern trends, and premium color schemes, along with truly understanding advancements to solve daily challenges that our barbers and stylists face, the Bespoke Trimmer is a combination of sleek design and leading-edge technology.”

The Andis Centennial Bespoke Trimmer is available at authorized Andis dealers and online for an MSRP of $250 and includes the trimmer, an induction charging stand, a phone charging clip, four attachment combs, a power supply cord and a one-year warranty.

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